How To Be An Influencer Part 1 – Getting Started

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Be Sure


Being a full time content creator is not as easy as it seems, not by a million miles. In an industry that is fully saturated, only those who truly hustle can make a full time career from it. There are much easier ways to make a living. Of course there are upsides! Being in control of your own time, with all the flexibility that comes with it allows us to take advantage of all the perks that level of freedom brings. Particularly sunny day? Off to the beach you go, while the usual hoards are at work. Work from a dojo in Bali, an Air B&B in Tuscany or just in your Pyjamas from bed, no problem. Being an Influencer, content creator, blogger, however your prefer to label it requires hard work, self motivation and the entrepreneurial spirit to keep learning and evolving. Still want to be an Influencer? OK, read on and I share some of the basics I’ve learned in 5 years of content creation, to give you a head start.

Things to do in the Cotswolds

Start now. Right now! This is a fast paced, trend based industry and you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by jumping straight in! The best way to improve your photography skills is by taking photos! You don’t need fancy equipment, some of the biggest Instagram Influencers use only their phones. The best way to improve as a blogger? You guessed it, blog! The more often you write, the closer you will move to finding your voice. Learn by doing!


Choose your niche and make it authentic to you. If you’re successful, you’re in it for the long haul and authenticity is your only option. Imagine viewing yourself as someone completely different from the other side of the world. What is it about your life that they might find interesting. Let your true personality shine and celebrate the things that make you different!


Pick a username that is 1) Memorable, 2) Gives an idea straight away about what to expect from your content, 3) Isn’t too complex, eg underscores,dots and numbers are generally not advised and 3) Is available (check all major social channels and web domains)


Its really that simple! You’re ready to go!

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